experience energy healing that can help you look better, feel better, be better

About Me

Hi. I'm Jane Jeffrey, and I am Aura Bee Energy Healing.

I spent most of my life as a graphic designer, enjoying a successful professional career. In 2017, during a vacation to Egypt, I had an unexpected spiritual experience that ultimately changed my life forever and led me to become a full-time energy healer. I discovered Pranic Healing shortly afterwards, and the rest is history—with Pranic Healing I have found a powerful healing modality that makes my heart sing and helps people become healthier and happier.

I have been studying energy medicine modalities since 2009, with a continued commitment to learn both the applied techniques and the spiritual teachings behind the protocols. Some call it my ‘Ajna brain’ and my desire to know all the answers and understand the logic! I have a thirst for knowledge and experience, and a quest to continue helping others.

Aura Bee is my way of giving back to the world—a way to help people recognize and embrace their ability to heal themselves, to achieve a better state of mind and a better quality of life. My sessions incorporate a variety of energy healing systems to achieve the most effective results as quickly as possible so clients can look better, feel better, be better.

How I Can Help You

Pranic Healing is a no-touch system of energy healing that works with the body’s subtle energy systems to create balance and harmony throughout our physical, emotional and etheric bodies. It removes dirty and diseased energy, the blockages that ultimately manifest in physical and emotional discomfort and dis-ease, and replaces them with clean energy, boosting our health and vitality and helping our body heal itself. Relief from physical and emotional symptoms can be achieved simply and powerfully. Clients often experience improvements after only one session.

Pranic Healing has been validated to effectively treat a wide variety of conditions across all bodily systems: cardiovascular, circulatory, digestive, endocrine, exocrine, immune, muscular, nervous, renal, respiratory, reproductive and skeletal. Pranic Healing can also help your pets when they are not well, your environmental spaces, and even be used for a rejuvenating facelift or body sculpting sessions!

Aura Bee Energy Healing can help you look better, feel better, be better.